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QGLocated in the area locally known as “Entre Douro e Minho” in Northern Portugal, Quinta de Gomariz is fortunate enough to benefit from a cool, crisp Atlantic climate, as well as a warmer more Mediterranean climate further inland. These different climates allow Quinta de Gomariz to produce wonderfully clean and fresh white wines and robust red wines from DOC Vinho Verde and DO Vinho Regional Minho. Using only local varieties such as Alvarinho, Loureiro, Espadeiro, and Vinhao, Quinta de Gomariz is at the forefront of producers in the Vinho Verde region looking to produce the highest quality wines at affordable prices.




Varieties: 100% Alvarinho

Color: Brilliant greenish-straw color

Nose: Brisk peach and pear flavors

Mouth: Well balanced acidity keeps the wine wonderfully fresh, while preserving the fruit notes.



Varieties: 100% Loureiro

Color: Bright straw color

Nose: Foresty white cherry, green pear, lemongrass and lime leaf.

Mouth: The fruit is bold and complex, with a clean mineral edge


Espadeiro Rose

Varieties: 100% Espadeiro

Color: Light pink

Nose: Wild Strawberry blossom, with delicate red fruits nuances

Mouth: Mildly sweet, with wonderful acidity for cut and lift, finishing peppery and clean


Vinhão Vinho Verde Red Wine

Varieties: 100% Vinhão

Color: Deep, intense purple

Nose: Intense fresh fruit notes of raspberry and blackberry, with hints of cracked black pepper

Mouth: Tangy and fresh, with firm tannins but a surprisingly soft feel in the mouth

Serving suggestion: The Vinhão grape is a very unique variety and very few wines produced using the Vinhão are imported into the Unites States as it is a bit of an acquired taste. In Portugal, it is served chilled to around 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit and served in white ceramic mugs rather than typical wine glasses, and it literally paints the inside of the mug. It it served with with roast pork dishes and grilled meats, cutting through the richness of the dishes. This style of wine isn’t for everyone, but it is by far one of the most unique varietals available in the US market.